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A portal to cultural discovery through design and artistry.

About Delos

Driven by the power of discovery, we create versatile objects for the global citizen, built for the journey. Relevant for a busy modern life, our collections aim to reflect a spirit of thoughtful exploration.

Our quest is to create pieces that enable comfort, function and elegance. We encourage our audience to engage and consume purposefully, whilst connecting them to artisanal textiles and crafts.

“Our collections are rooted in a sense of place and history. They are subtle collages of influences articulated through a contemporary lens.”

Commitment to Artistry

Luxury expressed through the most considered details, rich materiality and exquisite hidden finishes.

Our Mission

We create versatile objects fo the global citizen, built for the journey.

Discover. Connect. Embrace.


Delos is built on the idea of purposeful living. We provide the modern nomad with objects that support them in feeling centred,confident, and at home, no matter where they are.


We evolve at pace with our consumers, leaning into the ever-changing lifestyle they lead.
We embrace the fluidity of the era of mobility.

Cultural Preservation

A unique approach to sustainability, preserving hand craftsmanship and artisanal methods for modern life. We invest in people, practices, and consciously created artifacts.

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